A good manager is a fair an appreciative an effective manager

WinWin for managers

WinWinBalance® is a program for maintaining employee engagement at all levels of management through continuous feedback that’s reaffirming or constructive in nature. This will help you recognize your best employees and motivate your team.

Boost engagement

Increase workers’ engagement by individually monitoring their achievements and recognizing the best performers.

Improve effectiveness

Increase workers’ effectiveness through tested motivational methods and the eliciting of employee initiatives and suggestions (Kaizen).

Enforce standards

By monitoring even minor violations (e.g., the momentary lack of a helmet), you’ll prevent serious incidents.

Make fair decisions

Offer just and appropriate recognition that’s based on employees’ performance and achievements. Increase motivation thanks to transparent rules and clear criteria for bonuses.

Improve the work atmosphere

Reduce oversights and speculation: supported by your “digital memory”, you can give and receive feedback based on facts rather than on opinions, guesses, or feelings.

Move beyond periodic evaluations

Replace obsolete forms for periodic evaluations with digital reports that provide ready summaries of each employee’s strengths and developmental opportunities, with regard to particular competencies.

Identify sources of effectiveness

Discover the causes of increased productivity in your organization: WinWinBalance helps you identify and analyze the key factors correlated with high job effectiveness outcomes.

Save the time you spend each month calculating employees’ performance. WinWinBalance will do it for you!

Be WinWin!

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