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WinWinBalance® is an innovative tool for improving your team’s productivity, communication, and engagement.

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WinWin for workers

The system makes it easy for workers to be recognized
for their engagement and to receive feedback. It
encourages the promotion and rewarding of positive
actions by employees.

HRM Produkcja
winwinbalance dla managerów

WinWin for managers

The system serves as a supervisor’s “digital notebook”,
making it possible to give subordinates points for
engagement, to build long-term records of workers’
performance, and to make good decisions based on

WinWin for HR

Hard indicators for soft phenomena. The system lets you correlate daily behaviors with business outcomes and create competency profiles of the most effective employees. It provides a solid basis for deciding which
employees to recognize and in what way.

Zaangażowanie zespołu
winwinbalance dla zarzadu

WinWin for the C-Suite

This is a system for maintaining employees’ engagement at all levels of the organization that makes it possible to track trends and foresee future events that determine whether objectives will be achieved.

Our knowledge base

How to improve engagement?
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The Power of Employee Engagement. How to Keep Your Team Motivated?

Employee engagement is a crucial factor in the success of any organization. Engaged employees are more productive, committed, and satisfied with their jobs. They are also more likely to stay with the company and contribute to its growth and success.

What leaders are saying about us

Anna Grzymała
Anna GrzymałaHRBP Pekpol
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The WinWinBalance system helps promote a corporate culture based on particular behaviors that we define. It makes it possible to perceive, record, and appreciate all positive behavior by employees, while simultaneously providing the opportunity to correct minor shortcomings. Thanks to WWB, workers know exactly what is expected of them, what is desired, and what is rewarded, which directly affects their motivation.
Arkadiusz Aszyk
Arkadiusz AszykCEO of Mostostal Pomorze S.A.
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We first implemented the WWB system as a pilot in one production department of Mostostal Pomorze S.A., and then in all of the others, to record the occupational activity of our employees and subcontractors. After several months of using the system, we are observing an improvement in the efficiency of work and other processes and tasks performed. We use WWB records and indicators to make personnel decisions regarding, e.g., promotions, the awarding of prizes, and other benefits.
Artur Rumiński
Artur RumińskiSecretary of Lublin Country
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The WinWinBalance system is a modern tool for effective personnel management. Its approach to appreciating and evaluating employees has transformed their approach to the assignments that they perform and the position that they hold within the team; it has enhanced their productivity and engagement, which has significantly improved the quality of the Office’s work. It has been utilized as a system to support managerial work, helping management to conduct complex analyses in the sphere of the productivity, creativity, and engagement of the overseen personnel. It positively impacts the modelling of employee attitudes in the direction of shaping a dynamic and innovative approach to the complex processes that are used in administration. It has a notable influence on improving job results, customer satisfaction, and the development of the Office as an organization. It introduces effective forms of communication between employees, which strengthens mutual understanding and trust.
Edyta Wolak
Edyta WolakManager HR ECKERT AS Spółka z o.o.
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From the moment of its implementation, the WWB system has been actively utilized in our company. Use of the tool allows the observation and recording of behaviors in specified areas over time. What’s most important is that the electronic card makes it possible to highlight, praise, and appreciate, which positively influences the motivation to work. Each of us wants to have an awareness of the fact that what we do matters and that others appreciate our contribution. Promoting a culture of appreciation using the WWB tool brings the intended results.
Marcin Uszyński
Marcin UszyńskiSecretary of the City of Stalowa Wola
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The WinWinBalance System was implemented in response to the need to improve the office’s functioning with regard to workers’ motivation and the creation of more just and authoritative principles for making decisions in the sphere of personnel management, as grounded in employees’ real contribution to their business unit’s results. The WinWinBalance System helps us further foster a culture of Continuous feedback, which makes it possible to reinforce the internal motivation of employees by systematically summarizing their work and giving them clear feedback on their work.
Joanna Sztefko
Joanna SztefkoDirector of Administration – Waweld
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Thanks to the application, we can measure two elements that are essential for us: on the one hand, workers’ engagement – i.e., all of the positive behaviors that distinguish them – and on the other hand, their productivity. Analysis of data from the application gives us answers to questions that are important to us, like how engagement affects effectiveness. .

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