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WinWin for HR

WinWinBalance® is an innovative tool for organizations that digitalizes HR processes and integrates them in a simple way. You’ll provide supervisors with a solution that supports their managerial work, and you’ll gain direct insight into the functioning of individual teams, so that you can better respond to your organization’s needs.

Promote a feedback culture

Communicate and cultivate desired values and models of behavior. Teach managers to recognize employees for doing good things. Give workers a sense of belonging to a team that’s striving for a common result, even as each person is treated as an individual.

A friendly work environment

Create an environment in which all employees feel good and have the conditions that allow them to work effectively and gain satisfaction from their job. Streamline communication and promote a culture of appreciation. Share important information with employees through a simple “employee portal” accessible on a smartphone. Make sure that each employee feels that he or she is important to the organization and participates in its development.

Replace the outdated employee performance appraisal

Manage competencies in a modern way. Promote desirable behaviors and create good habits. Attract talent from within the organization for key projects. Highlight exceptional performers.

Continuous performance management

Work on the basis of reliable data arriving in real time. Respond to risks, document employees’ successes, and promote best practices. Control absenteeism and turnover rates. Deliver valuable analysis generated in a simple way.

Develop employees

Gain knowledge about the real competencies of employees. Spot talent and support development in relevant areas. Better identify training needs. Plan career paths and communicate in a simple way to employees what they can do, in order to develop along with the company.

Automate your bonus system

Calculate bonuses with one click and give employees real-time access to the information regarding the results of their work, including daily productivity, job efficiency, and engagement points. Save the time you spend on calculating employee performance every month. WinWinBalance will do it for you!

Recruit the right employees

Map out the key competencies of your best-performing employees. Create accurate competency profiles and select candidates ideally suited to the organization and to specific teams. Employees who are a great fit will perform better.

HR 4.0

Digitalize tools and processes by integrating them in a friendly mobile app. Recognize hard indicators of soft phenomena. Measure the impact of engagement on the company’s bottom line. HR digitalization is the standard in highly developed organizations: implement it within your company.

Promote your workers’ satisfaction and your organization’s success – and be WinWin!

Be WinWin!

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